Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walkera V100D03BL Flybarless Micro 6 Channel RC Helicopter

The smaller it is, the harder it is to make. Walkera pushed the envelope again and made the Collective Pitch Helicopter one step smaller, the V100D03BL, it is a 6-Channel CCPM Helicopter, able to perform 3D aerobatics. There were a lot of other Walkera models that can play 3D, but not at this small size. Factory faced a bit of challenge on this model, that's the Servos, they needed it to be fast, durable, small and light, but they did it. Everything just like it's brother V120 series, thanks to its Flybarless Rotor Head, it consumes less energy than ordinary flybar models, some people make ask, why do they use Plastic for the Rotor Head? I would simply say for parts this small, sometimes it's more economical and better craftsmanship to use Plastic parts, since they come form the same "Mold", to minimize the micro metal work error, which have occured in the past. For the 2.4Ghz receiver, it has a 3-Axis Gyro on broad, it did the job very well, it flies just like a "Big Helicopter" with Flybar, very impressive, and it's able to perform 3D aerobatics, soft and elegant, not "Hardcore" style. Another thing which will catch your attention is the agility of the helicopter, you move throttle stick upward and the response is almost instant, no delay, it's because of the weight, it's light (54 grams with battery), so it is a completely different experience than it's big brother the V120 or M120 series.

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