Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VMware Workstation 8

VMware Workstation 8 is your on-ramp to the cloud. With several major enhancements VMware Workstation 8 now brings the power of the internal cloud right to your desktop.

VMware Workstation 8 - MSRP $199.00
Your On-Ramp to the Cloud
Do more than you ever thought possible. Run, share, and connect to virtual machines all from your PC.

What's new in VMware Workstation 8
So VMware has launched the next version of VMware Workstation 8 which provides you some great new features:-
  1. Remotely connect to virtual machines on VMware workstation 8 even when you are logged off from the local machine
  2. Share or Extend the Virtual Machines with other users or department.
  3. Provide / Delegate VMware roles/access to different users using Role Permission
  4. Now supports 64GB of RAM, Support for 3D graphics, 7.1 HD Audio, Bluetooth
  5. New simplified and intuitive interface providing folder views, Live Thumbnail Bar, New Summary Page, view local or remote virtual machines
  6. A new virtual machine library where you can search your VMs.
  7. Drag and Drop upload to the VSphere
  • New User Interface
    Simplified menus, live thumbnails, and a new VM library with enhanced searching
  • Remote Connections 
    Seamless access to all of the VMs you need regardless of where they reside
  • "Share" your VMs 
    Quickly share and test applications with teammates in a more production like environment
  • Upload to vSphere
    Drag and drop to upload a VM from your desktop to vSphere
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