Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Buy the $99 Google TV now.

Heard the Google TV news, where you can watch the internet TV via the new CE4100 powered HDTV or Google TV apps installed / onboard. It sounds like a great technology, but it will need you to buy a completely new HDTV from Sony that has come with all the required apps and hardware. In case you want to go Google TV with your existing HDTV, Logitech has come to the rescue by offering a Google TV Set-Top Box where it will allow you to hook up your HDTV and internet and go wild with the new Google TV technology. 

Google TV is magnificent for TV maniac, where they can set everything to their favorite and delete everything that user's dislike. Through the help of Logitech First Google TV Set-Top box, you don't have to buy the entire new system to enjoy the service. 

Here is the Set-top box from Logietech, it looks quite sleek and and properly shelled with glossy plastic.

Five reasons why you should buy the $99 Google TV
Logitech dropped the price of its Revue Google TV set-top to $99 this weekend, down from $249, after consumers all but ignored the device for more than half a year. Some folks may see the price reduction as yet another indicator that Google TV failed, but I think that a $99 Google TV box deserves a second chance. {Read via GigaOM}
Technical details via Amazon
  • Works with your existing HDTV and cable or satellite system to provide seamless access to the Web, your TV, compatible DVRs, and Android apps
  • Searches and controls with an intuitive keyboard controller with built-in touch pad so you can do things you can't easily do with a remote
  • Lets you search and enjoy content from multiple sources without switching devices, inputs or rooms. See content from the Web and TV simultaneously with Dual View.
  • Always up-to-date with free automatic, over-the-air updates that add new features and functionality to your system
  • Requires an HDTV with HDMI port, cable or satellite box with HDMI out, cable or satellite subscriptions service, and high-speed Internet access

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