Friday, July 8, 2011

Perfios - The Best Wealth Management Tool

Perfios - the first Indian wealth management site and provides the best services that you can rely on.

"Perfios is for anyone who wishes to solve their issues of managing wealth distributed among various asset classes and among various institutions.

Let's see - You have bank accounts, credit cards, Mutual Funds, Equity etc with multiple institutions. I know  what you are thinking right now but how often have you felt that? Now, what if all of this could be accessed at one place?
"Perfios addresses exactly this aspect (and more!) and provides access across asset classes on one platform and in the process takes care of your other worries too!"
What is Perfios?

PERFIOS (PERsonal FInance One Stop) is a secure, personal-finance-management solution that enables you to capture, manage, track, and analyze all aspects of your personal finance, in one place.

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If you are a person having any one of the following criteria, then you will be happy using Perfios.

1. If you have multiple bank accounts and want to see them at one place.

2. If you want to organize your money.

3. If you want to see where your money is going.

4. If you want to organize your Loan EMIs.

5. If you have ever forgotten to pay your bills on time and suffered a huge penalty for late payment.

...and what does Perfios do?

Perfios manages your finances as you want them to and it can be used to manage any bank account(s).

What about Security?

Security is a very important asset for these type of software. As concerned with Perfios, there are many security measures employed to secure your personal information. The passwords that you use to update your financial transactions are saved on your own computer in encrypted form and not on any Perfios Servers. To know more about security of your information with Perfios click here.
Perfios only updates and organizes your Bank/Loan/MutualFund/CreditCard transactions. You cannot pay your bills using Perfios. Perfios does not perform any transactions for you.
Perfios is a best Personal Finance Management software with high security that you can always depend on.

To know more about Perfios click here.

To create an account and get started with Perfios click here.

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