Friday, July 22, 2011

HTC ChaCha - Now in India.

One of a pair of HTC's dedicated Facebook android phones, HTC ChaCha is now officially available in India. If the number of facebook fanatics is correct, these social android beasts will be dancing out of the shops before you have the chance to ask, "Have you got a HTC ChaCha please?".

Also making its debut is Salsa, ChaCha's touchy-feely (full touchscreen) Salsa dancing sister. ChaCha and Salsa are both, respectively, the first android phones with a dedicated facebook button decorating the lower corner of the phone proudly, like a highschool prom corsage. Share your status, music, photos, location or just chacha chat with a press of this button. Facebook is at your feet, your social networking need never be curtailed again. It is also a great help for those less fleet of finger, with the addition of a handy physical QWERTY keyboard (giving ChaCha a blackberry resemblance), vital for non-stop virtual chatting.

Although the touchscreen is only 2.6 inches, the more than ample resolution and tough as nails Gorilla Glass more than makes up for its less ample measurements. Afterall quality matters more than quantity on certain occasions.

With a 5 MP camera, flash and VGA front-facing camera all of your social needs are taken care of in one cute package. One word of advice, if you have an advertant reaction to anything relating to Facebook this may not be the android for you! Be warned, HTC ChaCha is a neverending cyberspace conversation!

To buy via Flipkart: Click Image

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