Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's Expensive on Amazon.

And you thought amazon was a place to find good deals on books, right? Well, spend some time browsing and you'll come across some CRAZY stuff, that most people would never even think of buying online.

Here’s my list of the some of the most INSANELY expensive items for sale on amazon right now…

#1. Bob Dylan Hand-Signed Series–Set of 7 Hohner Marine Band Harmonicas $25000

Do you have an extra 25 grand laying around for a set of 7 harmonicas?
These Hohners, signed by the Bob man himself normally sell for around 25 bucks a pop.
But with his signature attached, the price jumps up to a whopping $3571.00 per harmonica.
Whoa Daddy!
I think I’ll stick with the 2 dollar plastic job I picked up at Walmart last summer.

This is a video game folks! But wait a minute, it comes with a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000. 
Plus, a customized metal lunch box, a 5 inch Vault Boy Bobblehead, and The Making of Fallout 3 DVD? Yahoooooooo!!!!!!! 
OK, now I totally get the price....Where's my credit card baby!!! 

#3. Gibson Acoustic Limited Edition 70th Anniversary John Lennon (Museum Model) $10,999 (Currently not available)
My last guitar cost me 67 bucks on ebay, and I'll tell you something, it looked an awful lot like this acoustic here. Of course, it wasn't personally signed by THE one and only Yoko Ono! And it wasn't available with free super saving shipping either!
Damn, I should have pulled the trigger one this one instead!

This is crazy!
I was just telling my buddy the other day that I needed a new electron microscope.
He didn't have 32 grand to loan me, so I'm still saving up for this puppy.

Christian Dior Unisex CD11431JR001 Christal Chronograph Diamond Purple Dial Watch

I almost pulled the trigger on this attractive purple watch, but since it's a unisex model, I knew my girl and I would be fighting like cats and dogs over it.
When they come out with a purple, "GUY ONLY" model, I'm all over it!

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