Friday, May 20, 2011

Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit – CPR for your iPhone?

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The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit by Dry-All's uses proprietary blue bead drying technology to dry any wet cell phone fast. The wet cell phone emergency kit works by using the most effective and aggressive dehumidifier for electronics available anywhere in the world to suck the moisture out from the inside of the wet phone. When all directions are followed the wet cell phone emergency kit has a 100 percent success rate. Dry your wet phone completely in 48 hours. The one of a kind absorbent used in Dry-All's wet cell phone kit works better than any other drying remedy out there. Key Features: Recovers wet tablets and Ereaders. Works with; iPad, Kindle, Playbook, Android, e-readers, Kobo, and Nook. Easy to use! Uses Dry-All's proprietary Blue Bead Technology. Save your valuable information, applications, music, and movies. Directions for use: 1.) Turn off electronic tablet immediately. 2.) Tablet wet by Salt Water, Soda or Beer? Rinse tablet with distilled water. 3.) Towel dry tablet. 4.) Place tablet in bag with the screen facing up. 5.) Seal bag zippers. 6.) Wait 24 to 48 hours. 7.) Open bag. Repeat Step 6 if moisture remains 8. When dry. Turn on tablet. 9.) Dispose of bag.


U.S Only. BUY

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