Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CAD - DVD Season 1 and 2

CAD - DVD Season 1 "Don't touch that dial"  BUY

Prepare to enter a dazzling world of video games and humor as the first season of Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series comes to DVD. Using the inspiring and groundbreaking new technology called "Animatronic Comic-o-motion 2D", we are able to breathe life into previously stationary characters for the first time ever!
Join Apathy Award winner Ethan, along with Golden Snow Globe nominees Lucas and Lilah and an all-star ensemble cast for action, adventure and laughs!
CAD - DVD Season 2 "Lights, Camera... Action!"  BUY

The second season of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated series hits your DVD player like a sack of awesome hitting a wall of more awesome.
Join Ethan, Lucas, Lilah, and Zeke in all new animated adventures that are sure to melt your face in the best way possible!

  • Includes hour-long feature showcasing the creation of the cover artwork. Watch how the sausage gets made!
  • Original scripts and character model concepts to create each episode!

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